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Happy New Year!


Ending this year watching the lightly animated versions of our KAPOW! Books, “Oh Hoppy Day! and “Sadie’s Purpose” again. I look back on this year and amazed at all the hard work and long hours that it took to complete this mission, to make this dream come true. Of course along with all the other projects, goals and work that took place this year. I definitely don’t...

A Beautiful Blue Jay


Today was a cold and rainy December day. A day when the birds love to hang out in our yard. I made sure they had plenty of water sources and tasty bird treats available for them. I also had a moment to get to know my new Canon R5 camera for my wildlife photography. This beautiful blue jay was so awesome to pose for the camera that I wanted to share this special moment. The blue jays here are our...

Windy The Monarch


We love to support the Monarch Butterflies with making sure we have butterfly milkweed in our backyard. It was a weekend in October, the fall winds were strong with a possible thunderstorm to roll in. We were working in the yard preparing for the storm and my husband discovered a Monarch butterfly that emerged from the chrysalis at the bottom of our shed. We found it to be the strangest location...

Jordy the Jayder


This Memorial Day holiday weekend we rescued a beautiful blue jay that was injured in our neighborhood. Most likely hit by a car due to the location in the street where I found him.  I was driving to an appointment and running errands when I saw up ahead a bird laying in the road. I slowed down and cautiously turned my vehicle to find that the sweet blue jay wasn’t moving. I safely and...

Dusk to Dawn


The sun was starting to set and the birds came in to end the day with us. I am sitting outside and observing nature that is all around me and this wonderful bird catches my eye, a White-winged Dove looking up to the skies. In a split second, one of our resident hawks came in and this sweet bird just ducked and didn’t fly away like the other White-winged Doves. I decided to focus on this...

Beauty in Brokenness


On Wednesday, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day 2020 (April 22.2020), we were expected to have 2 rounds of storms with high winds, hail and possible tornadoes. We only experienced high winds on the 1st round of storms. Although, with those high winds caused our old faithful Bradford Pear tree to split in half. Part of the tree was leaning on our house. If the house was not there this large limb...

Tailor the American Robin


There are times where I may feel discouraged and have challenging days, yet I am always amazed at the beautiful moments in nature that I truly cherish. Like a sweet honey bee landing on my hand, our Sweet Sammie the Squirrel stopping by to say hello and this sweet American Robin that shows off his/her earth worm victory and appears to have no tail. Did you arrive in this unique time to help...

A Precious Life!


An Uncertain Time and A Precious Life! In a time of uncertainty during this Easter holiday, I take a moment to reflect on this precious life that recently crossed my path. A life of service and sacrifice, a life that carries the weight of world on his/her back. A life of purpose that speaks of death, life and rebirth, a precious life that is truly a miracle here on earth and simply takes up the...

An Easter Rose!


An Easter Rose! A rainstorm passed through the night… I wake up to drops of beauty on a rose that shines so bright. On this glorious day, my heart turns back to what was done at the cross. A reflection of perfection, the greatest love of all, it is finished, there is no more loss. I am so thankful to be with nature, God’s creation… He has risen, He is alive in us, He is our firm foundation. Happy...

My Christmas Cricket


The Christmas holiday is a time where I love to decorate the house and turn into a winter wonderland. I have Christmas stuffed animals that I have had for years that I like to display. One day, I discovered a sweet cricket next to my Christmas horse. It appeared to have lost one of her back legs so I decided to accept the KAPOW! mission and wanted share in the Christmas spirit with this sweet...

Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife