Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife


Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

My Thanksgiving Rose!


We arrive home on a fall chilly day to a beautiful Monarch Butterfly fluttering around in our driveway. We stop the car, I get out to help this sweet butterfly. She crawled on my hand and I gently moved her to a another location in our yard while it appeared she needed a safe place  to get her bearings. I immediately accepted the KAPOW! mission and dedicated time to watch over her while she tried...

Standing Together!


I am always amazed that everyday is a new day and totally unique with our backyard wildlife friends. This weekend, to our wonderful surprise we had 2 new Queen Butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. There was one particular Queen Butterfly that was crawling around our patio area. Of course, I immediately started to observe and monitor if this sweet butterfly needed any help. She would try to...

BEE Energized!


At times we all need a little more energy in our day. Whether, it is a long day at work or working hard in the yard, or maybe supporting family. We all can impart so much of our heart and soul that we are simply exhausted. Well, that is what this sweet honey bee needed today. A little boost, to “BEE” energized! My husband and I were taking a break from our work and noticed a honey bee...

Amanda’s World


What a creative day today. I was encouraged by my husband and producer of our KAPOW! book series to create an overview of Amanda’s backyard world and all locations in Oh Hoppy Day! and Sadie’s Purpose (and this will definitely serve us well in my 3rd KAPOW! book too). We are so thrilled to be in illustration production with Sadie’s Purpose (our 2nd KAPOW! book). This backyard...

Sweet Bunny Tears


Today is one of those days that sweet bunny tears flow from a loss of a precious cottontail rabbit. The past few days an adorable cottontail rabbit looked like he/she was not doing well. The sweet bunny had the same “tumor bumps” as Hallie Bunny when she crossed over the rainbow bridge. When I observed this special cottontail rabbit I always begin with sending bunny healing prayers...

A Squirrel Empty Nest!


We are always so honored when our super star of our children’s book series from Kapow Books (Oh Hoppy Day! and Sadie’s Purpose), Sweet Sammie The Squirrel allows us to observe how she raises her precious family. This past spring was such a special time to get to know her 3 children (2 sons, Springer and Sawyer and 1 daughter, Saintly). From what we have continued to observe, Sammie...

Marco The Garage Rat


“Will you be mine, won’t you be my neighbor?” I was reminded today one of my favorite childhood shows, Mr. Rogers and his wonderful welcoming song “Won’t you be my neighbor?” That is what we felt today when trying to rescue a precious rat that was living in our garage. At times, I think the wildlife friends around us, might possibly ask that question...

Welcome back, Sammie!


This spring season, our sweet Sammie the squirrel successfully raised 2 boys and 1 girl. We named the precious boys Springer and Sawyer and the sweet girl, Saintly. From observing the squirrel behavior over the years, we think once her young are ready for the wildlife, she sends off the girls to find their own territories and the boys stick around a little longer until they are ready to start...

The Flower Rescue


When growing up I would observe my Dad shopping for flowers to plant in the yard. He would always have a heart for the flowers on the clearance shelf, the plants that the garden center wanted to throw away, the flowers and plants that no one wanted. He would then plant them in his garden. They felt loved and would flourish. That is my heart too. My husband and I recently went to a garden center...

A Snail Storm!


With all this rain we have been experiencing this spring, it has brought us a galore of cute little snails visiting our yard. One day after it rained, I had picked up approximately 20-30 snails and moved them to safer location in our yard so we would not accidentally step on them. It felt like we had a snail storm, not a hail storm. It was unbelievable. After another rainy day, I loved witnessing...

Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife