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Jordy the Jayder


This Memorial Day holiday weekend we rescued a beautiful blue jay that was injured in our neighborhood. Most likely hit by a car due to the location in the street where I found him.  I was driving to an appointment and running errands when I saw up ahead a bird laying in the road. I slowed down and cautiously turned my vehicle to find that the sweet blue jay wasn’t moving. I safely and immediately pulled over to the side of the street, put my flashers on, looked for any cars and proceeded to help the sweet bird and confirmed he was still alive. I went back to my vehicle and I grabbed the wildlife ready pet carrier and my rescue towel. I walked over gently to the sweet blue jay and came up slowly from behind and put the towel over him and was able to gently move him into the pet carrier.

I placed the bird in the car with me. I took a deep breath and was so relieved I was able to get the blue jay out of the street. The fate of this precious bird could have been possibly run over by a car since it couldn’t move and then gone from this earth. I know if I was hit by a car and laying in the street, I would want someone to help me to safety. I called my husband to let him know that I was turning back around and dropping off an injured blue jay to rest in a quiet dark place in our house while I finished my appointment and errands so he was prepared too.

When I got back home and made sure he had peace and quiet to rest. I also constantly monitored his behavior to see if he would bounce back. We also decided to name him Jordy the Jayder. This name has special meaning in our family especially on Memorial Day weekend. After careful observation he definitely needed further help from a licensed wildlife rehab center for him to continue his healing journey. I called Rogers Wildlife Rehab Center and confirmed they were open on this Memorial Day holiday weekend. Told them we were bringing an injured blue jay and on our way. We packed up our vehicle with our own supplies, even additional donation birdie care items and then placed Jordy in our truck and headed to Rogers Wildlife Rehab Center.

When we arrived, I called to them know we were parked and here. Susie came out to help us complete the check-in paperwork, accepted our financial donation and brought Jordy into the rehab center. Within a few minutes, Kathy Rogers (The blue jay whisperer aka earth angel) stepped out of the rehab center with Jordy in her hands to let us know he was going to be OK. She had already given him a special medication shot to help with his head trauma from his injury. He wasn’t broken and that he might feel like he has a headache for a few days, yet will make a full recovery. Woot! I was thrilled to hear this wonderful news that we had a part in rescuing Jordy and got him the help he needed to have a second chance at this life on earth.

The next day, Kathy gave us an update on Jordy that he is doing well in his healing journey. He is enjoying yummy mealworms and drinking water. Yippee! Way to go Jordy! I am so extremely grateful for Animal Help Now for equipping us with resources and tools to be prepared when a wildlife friend is in need and to help connect us with the nearest licensed wildlife rehab center.

I’m so honored to be a part of Jordy’s healing journey. Blue Jays are amazing and awesome birds. They are backyard warriors. We sure love and appreciate all our backyard blue jays. On this Memorial Day holiday, I am reminded of all the warriors that fight and have fought for our freedom, my dad, father-in-love and grandpa that served our country when they were here on earth, all the parents that are warriors for their children, all the shelters and animal sanctuaries that are advocates, the voice for all the precious animals and all the wildlife rehabilitation centers that are warriors, heroes, earth angels, the voice for our wildlife friends, all the foster parents for orphans, foster parents for animals. All the animal parents that work so hard to protect their babies/kits. You are all appreciated and celebrated. I’m celebrating this Memorial Day holiday with the deepest gratitude. Thank you!

Special wildlife notes that were an essential part of this special rescue:

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center ( is a 501c3 nonprofit wildlife rescue organization in the Dallas/Fort-Worth metroplex specializing in the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned birds of all types. Our goal is to restore the health and independence of these precious creatures so that they may be released back into their natural habitat. Rogers Wildlife serves as a sanctuary for the remaining birds, as they are deemed non-releasable due to the extent of their injuries.

Animal Help Now ( is a free service through their website, iPhone and Android apps. This free service leverages digital technologies to immediately connect people involved with wildlife emergencies and conflicts with the most appropriate time- and location-specific resources and services. Animal Help Now serves the entire United States. Animal Help Now also has a special link ( with very important information on how to guide you and prepare you to help a wildlife friend in need.

The featured picture for this rescue blog post is one of our backyard blue jays. This picture was taken in May 2019.


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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

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Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife