Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife

My Thanksgiving Rose!


We arrive home on a fall chilly day to a beautiful Monarch Butterfly fluttering around in our driveway. We stop the car, I get out to help this sweet butterfly. She crawled on my hand and I gently moved her to a another location in our yard while it appeared she needed a safe place  to get her bearings. I immediately accepted the KAPOW! mission and dedicated time to watch over her while she tried to fly but she struggled to fly high, she kept landing on the ground. I bent down to help her and she crawled on my hand again. The sun started to set, it was getting dark, I decided to place her in our butterfly sanctuary cage for her to stay the night. I think she needed more time for her wings to dry.

If I can, I always want to try to give these wonderful butterflies  a chance to serve their extraordinary purpose. I cut a few rosemary flowers  (our honey bees favorite flower to visit),  placed them in the butterfly sanctuary cage so she could feel safe and at home. After getting to know her, I named her Rose. A promise of hope, a special gift of life during this Thanksgiving holiday. The holiday season that we are missing all our family members that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.

The next morning, the sun tries to peak through the clouds and warm up the sky. I took Rose outside for her to get accumulated with the chill of the fall weather and of course, feel the strong energy from the sun. I opened the door to the butterfly cage and within a few minutes she wanted to venture out and fly. She circled around the yard and then landed on our house. I was so proud of her! She did it! She can fly! She sat there for awhile soaking up the sun.

I noticed that Rose was wiggling her tongue, she looked parched. I made some homemade sugar water and dipped a q-tip into the water. I presented this nourishment hoping she would receive my kind gesture, a provision of energy to Rose. She absolutely loved it! YAY!  She crawled onto my hand and held my finger like a sweet baby would grab your finger.  We sat down together outside on the patio while she enjoyed the sugar water from a simple q-tip. It was a very special moment. It was truly priceless! I am absolutely amazed! I have found from other butterfly experiences that it can be challenging for Monarch Butterflies to eat as they only know and want butterfly milkweed. This time of year, the butterfly milkweed is scarce and I was so amazed Rose received the sugar water with ease. Yippee!

It appeared she gained the strength she needed from the sugar water that day. I was a witness to the start of her journey, making her way up into the tree, she’s got this…I don’t think she will be led astray. She completed her day in the sun and flew away. I am so honored and blessed that I was a part of her butterfly adventure. I pray for safe travels and the best for Rose. Thank you for our special time together. You are special, you sparkle with hope and a miracle of life! You are a precious Rose!

That is KAPOW! Tracie




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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife