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A Snail Storm!


With all this rain we have been experiencing this spring, it has brought us a galore of cute little snails visiting our yard. One day after it rained, I had picked up approximately 20-30 snails and moved them to safer location in our yard so we would not accidentally step on them. It felt like we had a snail storm, not a hail storm. It was unbelievable.

After another rainy day, I loved witnessing this one precious snail that was on our roof and he came down on snail string, landed on the plant below, and then jumped off onto the ground. . I decided to name him Ethan after the movie, Mission Impossible. This snail was so brave, bold and inspiring. I wished Ethan the best on his journey.

I am now intrigued with these precious creatures and learning all about them and their purpose. Did you know that snails are omnivorous animals? Which means they can eat food from plant and animal sources. And snails serve an important role in our ecosystem. They consume rotting vegetation, moist leaf litter, fungus and sometime eat soil. And I have seen some snails gravitate to the suet crumbs left from the birds.

Snails are really awesome. I am so glad to have taken some time to get to know them more and their purpose. They are also simply pure cuteness!

KAPOW! Tracie



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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife