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A Squirrel Empty Nest!


We are always so honored when our super star of our children’s book series from Kapow Books (Oh Hoppy Day! and Sadie’s Purpose), Sweet Sammie The Squirrel allows us to observe how she raises her precious family. This past spring was such a special time to get to know her 3 children (2 sons, Springer and Sawyer and 1 daughter, Saintly). From what we have continued to observe, Sammie immediately guides any of her daughters to other territories so her spring daughter, Saintly was only with us for a brief time.

It was pure joy to watch her sons, Springer and Sawyer stick around for awhile, explore their new found freedom, and figure out the wild in our backyard. We felt like we were grandparents and squirrel sitting while Sammie’s sons grew up to be strong and mighty squirrels. Springer definitely held up to his name, he was into everything. LOL! Just like children, they just want to explore and learn so we let Springer enjoy digging in the dirt of our flower pots. He loved our roses and at times I felt he was picking off the petals just for me. He also loved to spring up right in front of you making sure you knew he was there. He brought so much energy and joy into our lives and yard.

Sawyer, appeared to be the “runt” of the family, a late bloomer. He struggled to keep up with his siblings so we decided to make sure he had everything he needed to grow up like his brother and sister. He definitely wanted to live the squirrel life to the fullest. He enjoyed hanging out with the rabbits, he loved to wrestle with our patio chair pillows and constantly rolled around in the grass. We felt like he was truly grateful to be alive even in the midst of his squirrel challenges. I plan to share his full sweet story in another blog post.

Now that Sammie’s spring children are all grown up, taking on the world and possibly starting their own families, we don’t see them as often. It is bittersweet, yet we know it is so wonderful that they are wild and truly get to live out their squirrel purpose in the wild.

While we feel we are in “empty nest” syndrome with our squirrel family, I am taking the time to appreciate and reminiscence the amazing memories we shared with Sammie’s family this past spring.

This picture featured is Springer and the look on his face is priceless as he was digging in the dirt. May we all have this motivation, this look of adventure, that life is so precious. May we all aspire of the life a squirrel. They plan for the future by storing their food source, they work hard first and then they play hard.  I am so thankful that each day is a day they teach us to our own purpose of this life on earth and to truly live life on purpose, be the miracle and be a pure joy to someone that crosses your path. Be the KAPOW!  Kind and Protective of Wildlife! Our Fox Squirrel Family has taught us so much about living in harmony and living life on purpose. They are truly AMAZING!

Stay tuned to my blog post on amazing story of  Sammie’s son, The Mighty Sawyer.

KAPOW! Tracie

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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

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Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife