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It’s Time!


It’s Time – A poem in loving memory of our cat, Maxwell “Max”.

You rescued our grieving hearts with hope, love and peace, when we brought you home.

We watched you explore your new territory, you were free to roam.


You immediately found your rhythm and filled each room with so much joy.

I learned to slow down, stop, stretch and breathe from this cute little boy.


We watched the sunrise and shared morning coffee time before conquering the day.

My heart giggled when you ran up and down the stairs, you wanted to play.


Night time was the best with you around.

Such an awesome protector, checking out every sound.


You jumped on the bed and held my hand while we laid our head to rest.

Took Sunday afternoon naps and sat on my chest.


Always grooming and looking so dapper was how you rolled.

Such a gentleman when taking the lead, a heart of gold.


One day something was not right, you were not feeling up to par.

The next thing we know, the light at the end of your journey here was not far.


After the devastating news, we sat on the stairs where you loved to be.

You told me “It’s Time”, with one paw on my leg and your eyes looking up at me.


It was still such a shock to find out this wasn’t going to last.

In utter disbelief this one year with you went way too fast.


We shared a beautiful bond that words cannot express.

I’m so thankful for everything, we are so blessed.


Tears flowed down like a flood when we had to say goodbye and agree.

You’re not in pain anymore, you can now cross over the rainbow bridge and run free.


In Loving Memory of Maxwell “Max” Purr Cuteness Rodgers

February 12, 2019

Poem Written by: Tracie L. Rodgers

We love and miss you Max!

About the author


Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife