Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife

Bee and the Bracelet


Yesterday was a nice sunny day in January.  The birds were singing, playing and splashing in our water feature. I love days like this when all our wildlife friends are happy and energetic.

We have been surprised that our lavender plants in our patio area continues to bloom even when we have had several days of below temps this winter season.

When we have sunny days like yesterday, we are graced with the presence of a sweet honey bees that loves our lavender flowers in our patio area. We are shocked that this sweet bee works all day gathering pollen from the flowers and even more surprised during the winter season. Where does she live and keep warm when it is really cold, we wonder. She buzzes around and is simply pure joy in our yard. We have named this sweet honey bee, PeneloBee.

I was watering the flowers like I normally do. I like to splash a little water on the lavender flowers to moisten the blooms hoping it might help activate any pollen for the bees. Somehow I decided to wear an aroma beaded bracelet while watering. PeneloBee was buzzing around and gathering her pollen for the day. Of course I greeted her with thankfulness for her purpose in our ecosystem and so thrilled to see her. She made her way towards me and landed on my bracelet. She looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes. It felt like I was gazing into heaven. It was such a beautiful moment to share with PeneloBee. It was definitely a KAPOW! moment.

I hope to have many more special moments with God’s creation like that moment with PeneloBee.

KAPOW! Tracie

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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife