Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife


Windy The Monarch


We love to support the Monarch Butterflies with making sure we have butterfly milkweed in our backyard. It was a weekend in October, the fall winds were strong with a possible thunderstorm to roll in. We were working in the yard preparing for the storm and my husband discovered a Monarch butterfly that emerged from the chrysalis at the bottom of our shed. We found it to be the strangest location...

My Christmas Cricket


The Christmas holiday is a time where I love to decorate the house and turn into a winter wonderland. I have Christmas stuffed animals that I have had for years that I like to display. One day, I discovered a sweet cricket next to my Christmas horse. It appeared to have lost one of her back legs so I decided to accept the KAPOW! mission and wanted share in the Christmas spirit with this sweet...

Standing Together!


I am always amazed that everyday is a new day and totally unique with our backyard wildlife friends. This weekend, to our wonderful surprise we had 2 new Queen Butterflies emerge from their chrysalis. There was one particular Queen Butterfly that was crawling around our patio area. Of course, I immediately started to observe and monitor if this sweet butterfly needed any help. She would try to...

Bee and the Bracelet


Yesterday was a nice sunny day in January.  The birds were singing, playing and splashing in our water feature. I love days like this when all our wildlife friends are happy and energetic. We have been surprised that our lavender plants in our patio area continues to bloom even when we have had several days of below temps this winter season. When we have sunny days like yesterday, we are graced...

Double Yellow Cuteness


You gotta love, our Texas weather. It is constantly changing. This particular day was really warm for November and all the insects were back out and flying around. Of course I love seeing all the ladybugs gracing us with their pure cuteness. They are also so beneficial to have around. They were landing on my arm and enjoying all the flowers that are still in bloom. This sweet yellow critter is a...

Beautiful Butterfly Friends


On Sunday, I was out in our patio area cleaning up from a neighborhood gathering we had at our house the night before. I came across a Monarch butterfly that has just transformed and had fallen to the ground from his chrysalis shell somewhere, not sure where. He was on the ground struggling to get up. His wings were still wet so he didn’t have the wing lift and balance to walk over to a...

My Homemade Spiderweb


This is the month where we see everyone decorating their yards to include faux spiderwebs for Halloween. I love everyone’s creativity. The fall season is a wonderful time of year. The cool crisp air, the gentle warmth of the sun on your face and the falling leaves. I decided to enjoy the glorious weather this past Saturday morning and I notice a gorgeous homemade spiderweb created by the...

Marvelous Monarch Butterflies


I love our great state of Texas. And one of the reasons is our Texas state butterfly is the Monarch butterfly. I have been planting milkweed in our yard for a couple of years now. It has truly been a learning experience. It can be a roller coaster of a ride when observing their life cycle up close but the rewards are so great. They are pure joy to have in our yard. This year our Monarch...

Dazzling Dragonflies


We have a small water feature/pond in our yard and I started seeing what looked like water spiders swimming around in the water. I tried researching to find out what kind of spider that would live and breathe in water. Nothing came up in my research to truly confirm what these interesting creatures were. Well come to find out, long story short, they are immature dragonflies (nymphs) in the water...

Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife