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My Christmas Cricket


The Christmas holiday is a time where I love to decorate the house and turn into a winter wonderland. I have Christmas stuffed animals that I have had for years that I like to display. One day, I discovered a sweet cricket next to my Christmas horse. It appeared to have lost one of her back legs so I decided to accept the KAPOW! mission and wanted share in the Christmas spirit with this sweet cricket. I let her stay next the horse to rest and do her what she needed to heal.  I had been getting to know crickets recently and had read that they regenerate their legs which is really cool.

This sweet cricket stayed by the Christmas horse all day and into the night. Even at one point, she had cuddled up right next to the horse. It was so precious. The next day,  she was gone from that location and apparently made her way into the kitchen. She had found a piece of fennel that I had dropped from when I had made dinner the night before and didn’t realize the fennel was on the floor as it blended in with the tile. It was the cutest thing to watch her eat the fennel so again I just let her be and enjoy her meal.

Since she has been making herself at home, I named her Katie the Cricket.

She has been with us for a few weeks now and she has figured out when she makes herself known that I will provide some food for her. So far, she loves the fennel and she is really enjoying zucchini. And I am so excited to see that her back leg is starting to grow back. I think once she can hop normal again she will be ready to face the outside world again but for now she is welcome inside our home. She has been pure joy, simply pure cuteness!

KAPOW! Tracie

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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife