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Dusk to Dawn


The sun was starting to set and the birds came in to end the day with us. I am sitting outside and observing nature that is all around me and this wonderful bird catches my eye, a White-winged Dove looking up to the skies. In a split second, one of our resident hawks came in and this sweet bird just ducked and didn’t fly away like the other White-winged Doves. I decided to focus on this bird and make sure he was well and watch over him. It felt like he was taking in his last moments before crossing the rainbow bridge. I had only witness this a few times with an American Crow, Blue Jay, House Sparrow and a Cowbird where they decided to end their journey in our yard. I like to think they find peace and love here and it always touches my heart they chose us to rest in peace.

I started singing to this sweet White-winged Dove and letting him know that he was welcome here, he was awesome, and that I appreciate his life and purpose. Tears began to flow down my face that I had an opportunity to extend compassion, respect and dignity for this bird. When he was sitting with the other White-winged Dove, he looked to be full of wisdom and grace. I had wondered his age, the adventures he endured and lived.

We were anticipating storms that were going to roll in over night and I even shared that he if wanted to stay under our patio he could. He walked around trying to take in every last moment with his wildlife friends. The American Crows flew in, landed on our house and starting cawing. It was a unique sound, maybe they knew he was leaving this world and were saluting him. His White-winged Dove family gathered around him and he seemed to absolutely love it. At times, he would walk around and I would see him start to close his eyes. I told him it was okay and I would take care of everything if he was ready to let go. I know he can’t understand human language but it really felt like he heard me and my heart.

After all the birds were starting to leave for the night, he walked around to the corner of our patio and tucked his head under his wing. I was in shock that he actually decided to rest under our patio. I go inside the house for the night and continue to watch him from our window. He looked so peaceful. It was at dusk and he changed positions, laid his head down to fully rest in peace.

We had our resident frogs singing most of the night and then the storm rolled in.

The next morning I gently picked him up and had a burial for him. I decided to name him, Dusk. Since he chose to cross over the rainbow bridge at Dusk. His sweet White-winged Dove friend, is Dawn.

Dusk to Dawn. It is a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life! I was reminded of the beautiful song, “Feeling Good” by Michael BublĂ© and dedicate this song to Dusk. And, it is beautiful that Doves are considered a bird of peace. I am so grateful to be an witness to the beauty of nature, extend peace to him and cherish his precious life.

I wrote a poem in loving memory of Dusk the Dove. KAPOW! Tracie

Dusk to Dawn!

The sun starts to set, and I gaze upon a beautiful White-winged Dove.

His eyes were filled with wisdom, peace and love.


I had wondered by his demeanor, if his journey here on earth was coming to an end.

I think he chose our yard to rest in peace. It is sometimes so hard to comprehend.


I tell him he is welcome here, he is special, he is awesome, and he is brave.

With a heart of gratitude, respect, and dignity for his life to rave.


His wildlife friends all came in and celebrated him until the end.

Then at dusk, he laid his head down under our patio, to close his eyes and transcend.


The morning came around, it is a new dawn, and a new day.

I sure cherished the priceless moment during the time of his stay.


Poem Written by: Tracie L. Rodgers

In loving memory of Dusk the Dove: May 22-23, 2020




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Tracie L. Rodgers lives in North Texas with her husband, Jeff. Her passion is writing children’s books and sharing her love of nature and wildlife with the world.

By Tracie
Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife