Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife


A Beautiful Blue Jay


Today was a cold and rainy December day. A day when the birds love to hang out in our yard. I made sure they had plenty of water sources and tasty bird treats available for them. I also had a moment to get to know my new Canon R5 camera for my wildlife photography. This beautiful blue jay was so awesome to pose for the camera that I wanted to share this special moment. The blue jays here are our...

Jordy the Jayder


This Memorial Day holiday weekend we rescued a beautiful blue jay that was injured in our neighborhood. Most likely hit by a car due to the location in the street where I found him.  I was driving to an appointment and running errands when I saw up ahead a bird laying in the road. I slowed down and cautiously turned my vehicle to find that the sweet blue jay wasn’t moving. I safely and...

Dusk to Dawn


The sun was starting to set and the birds came in to end the day with us. I am sitting outside and observing nature that is all around me and this wonderful bird catches my eye, a White-winged Dove looking up to the skies. In a split second, one of our resident hawks came in and this sweet bird just ducked and didn’t fly away like the other White-winged Doves. I decided to focus on this...

Happy National Bird Day!


Today, January 5th is National Bird Day. I am so thankful for all our backyard birdie friends. They provide so much joy, energy and life to our yard. When I have a stressful day, I love to go out to just be with the birds as they go about their day finding bugs, singing, flying around, etc. I sure appreciate their purpose and all that they do for our backyard ecosystem.
KAPOW! Tracie

Finishing The Year Kapow!


As we start to wind down for the end of the year, I become very reflective to what I have learned, the lessons and beauty in nature, when God shows off His glory in the midst of the challenges of life, the ultimate human experience. I stand and know it is all about the attitude of gratitude and choosing to find beauty in all things no matter what the obstacles. During this Christmas holiday, we...

The New “Buzz” Around Here


The winter season always delights us with such amazing birds that visit our yard. We have a new red-bellied woodpecker that we had been noticing. He is different because his torso is shorter compared to our resident red-bellied woodpeckers, Woody and Wilma. I am not sure if this sweet bird is one of their kids from this past summer or simply a new wildlife friend. Either way, he is gorgeous and...

December Hawk Day


Check out our gorgeous junior red-tailed hawk that loves to visit our yard. I have named him Talon. It appears he has claimed this area has his territory. I also believe this is one of Titan and Tiberius’ babies from this summer. Talon is not a baby anymore. He has made himself king of the birds here. He usually is darting through our yard, jumping in and out of our bushes, or flying around...

Tracie L. Rodgers Children's Book Author and Lover of Wildlife